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General System Design Conditions: Brivisize™ utilizes information regarding the home, such as its thermal properties, geographic location, the size and number of rooms or zones and ceiling heights. It applies climatic data and industry standards to determine the most appropriate size heating or cooling appliance to best service the home.

Heating systems are designed to maintain an indoor temperature of 21°C in Living Areas, 18°C in Sleeping Areas, at the standard ambient winter outdoor conditions for the specified location. Refrigerated Cooling systems are designed to maintain an indoor temperature of 24 °C at the user-nominated summer ambient conditions. The Indoor Design Condition for Evaporative Cooling is 27.4°C Dry Bulb at 38°C / 20% RH ambient summer conditions. This setting cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the evaporative cooling process, which is dependent on the ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation characteristics of the home.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Brivisize™ is a guide only. Laws, regulations and industry standards can vary between States and Territories. Accordingly, the guide must be read in conjunction with, and subject to, all laws, regulations and industry standards applicable in the State or Territory in which the products are installed.

Gas Ducted Heating Running Cost Data / Savings information.

  • These are based on Australian Standard AS4556-2011
  • House Heat Load 0.2MJ/HR/m3
  • Annual Energy Consumption - as per AGA Star Ratings
  • 600 Hours of operation (100 days at 6 hours per day)
  • Natural Gas rate = 1.6 cents per MJ/HR

Actual savings may vary due to variations in factors such as fuel cost, house size, thermal insulation and heater usage patterns.

Brivis provides the Brivisize™ tool in good faith as a guide to product selection only. Any significant variance from the design specifications may have the effect of changing the result as to which appliance is most appropriate for the user. Brivis does not take any responsibility for erroneous estimations or information. Brivis will not be held responsible for any cost, loss or damage suffered as a result of relying upon the information contained in this tool should such information be incorrect or should it contain any error.

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